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Empowering Electric Mobility:
Public and Workplace EV Charging

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, being EV-ready is crucial for staying competitive and environmentally responsible. Embrace the future and ensure your business is equipped to accommodate EV’s, attracting eco-conscious customers and contributing to a cleaner, greener world. Explore our comprehensive solutions to make your business EV-ready.

Why Choose EV CHARGER for Your Business?


EV charger installation can lead to cost savings for your business, thanks to grants and incentives available in the UK. It can also result in reduced company car benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax, benefiting both employees and employers.


Installing EV chargers at your workplace highlights your company’s dedication to environmental responsibility, aligning with global sustainability goals and regulatory requirements

Carbon Reduction

Workplace EV chargers make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, playing a pivotal role in lowering your organisation’s carbon footprint.


Investing in EV chargers prepares your business for a future where electric vehicles become the norm, ensuring you remain competitive and adaptable in an evolving automotive landscape.

Attracting and Retaining Employees

By offering workplace EV chargers, you signal your commitment to sustainability and staff well-being, making your workplace more appealing to potential hires and enhancing staff retention.

Business Growth

As electric vehicles gain popularity, providing charging infrastructure can attract more clients and partners committed to green initiatives. This may open doors to expanded revenue opportunities.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Supporting the roll out of public and work place Charging stations throughout the North East of England

JDM Earth has been a trusted partner for numerous businesses and public EV charge point installations throughout the North East.

We provide a comprehensive turnkey services and are registered with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), ensuring you can take full advantage of current incentives available. 

 We always stay abreast of the latest developments in the EV industry. This means you benefit from the most cutting-edge and reliable EV charging technology, along with expert guidance from our customer service team. Importantly, we remain manufacturer-neutral, allowing us to recommend the solutions that best suit your needs, offering impartial and valuable advice. Every commercial project is tailored with your specific requirements in mind, ensuring a personalised and seamless experience.

Workplace Charging 

Expanding your workplace electric vehicle charging infrastructure can offer significant advantages, and at JDM Earth, we are here to support you with this transition.

Our comprehensive turnkey package provides a straightforward solution for installing workplace charging points 

We take care of following for you:

  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Customised design
  • Workplace Charge Scheme advice.
  • Branding options
  • Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Applications
  • Groundworks management
  • Support in selecting the most suitable back-office solutions
  • Swift and professional installation of charging points
  • Safety measures, including protective bump stops and crash barriers

Empower your workplace with a robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and let JDM Earth be your trusted partner. 

Workplace Fleet Charging

At JDM Earth, we’re passionate about supporting workplace fleets as they embrace electric mobility. Our expert team installs smart home chargers, ensuring your workforce can effortlessly keep their electric vehicles charged and ready for action. We’re attuned to the specific needs of workplace fleets, and our turnkey solutions guarantee a seamless journey from the initial consultation to installation. Join forces with us to electrify your fleet and make a sustainable future your reality.

Public Charging

We’re committed to making electric vehicle charging accessible to all. Our dedicated team specialises in installing public charging stations, ensuring that people can conveniently charge their electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. We understand the importance of reliable and user-friendly public charging infrastructure, and our turnkey solutions provide a hassle-free experience, from concept to installation. Partner with us to enhance your community’s mobility options and be a part of the electric revolution



Excellent PV/Battery/charger installation:

"From initial enquiry to final handover, our experience of JDMEarth has been excellent. David thoroughly explained all the options available and provided two detailed quotes for our consideration. We were kept informed of lead in times and final installation was scheduled to suit our own availability. All work carried out was to the highest standard and we were very impressed by the quality of workmanship and the attitude of the installation team. The support staff at base have been equally helpful and have always responded promptly to any queries - and the finished installation is excellent"