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We help businesses to save money, reduce carbon and become more energy independent.

By incorporating Solar PV into your commercial property, you can achieve Net Zero objectives and gain a competitive edge when bidding for contracts.

We are experts in the commercial and industrial electrical sectors, delivering a comprehensive approach to implementing carbon-reduction technologies.

Why Choose Solar PV for Your Business?


Solar PV systems reduce electricity bills significantly, providing long-term financial benefits. 

Environmental Impact

Businesses can decrease their carbon footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Energy Independence

Generate your own electricity and reduce reliance on the grid.

Net Zero Targets

Solar PV helps businesses work toward Net Zero objectives and secure contracts.

Competitive Advantage

Showcase your green initiatives and attract eco-conscious customers.

Financial Incentives

Benefit from government incentives and feed-in tariffs.


Solar PV offers a reliable, long-lasting energy solution.

Brand Reputation

Enhance your image as an environmentally responsible company.


Your Trusted Partner for Commercial Installations in the North East

JDM Earth is the preferred partner for numerous businesses across the North East.

Our dedicated team includes in-house professionals, designers, technical experts, and specialised commercial and industrial electricians with expertise in Solar PV, Battery Storage and EV Charging.

We are MCS and RECC approved for both Solar PV and Battery storage and place emphasis on attention to detail, electrical safety and service delivery. We are dedicated to helping our customers to become more energy independent and save money on their energy bills. You can rest assured that we only offer products with excellent warranty and efficiencies and are on hand throughout and after the process to ensure that you receive an excellent service. 

Roof-Mounted Solar PV

Discover the potential of your rooftop space through our roof-mounted commercial solar PV solutions. 

On-roof solar PV, is a renewable energy system designed to capture sunlight and transform it into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) technology. In this setup, solar panels are installed directly onto the roofs of businesses and industrial buildings. These panels are made up of solar cells that generate electricity when they’re exposed to sunlight. They’re securely fixed to the roof structure using specialised mounting systems. When sunlight shines on the solar panels, they convert the sunlight into electricity through a clean and sustainable process. This green energy can then be used to power your business, resulting in reduced electricity bills and a positive environmental impact. On-roof solar PV is a popular choice for making the most of available roof space while harnessing solar power to generate clean electricity.

Ground Mounted Solar systems

Do you have unused land on your premises suitable for a ground-mounted solar installation?

Ground-mounted commercial solar installations in the UK offer several compelling advantages. They are highly scalable, making them suitable for larger energy demands. Ground-mounted systems are typically easier to maintain and clean, maximising energy production. Additionally, they don’t require rooftop space and can be strategically positioned for optimal sun exposure. This flexibility, combined with potential savings on energy costs and reduced carbon footprint, makes ground-mounted solar an attractive choice for businesses looking to enhance sustainability and achieve long-term financial benefits.

Commercial Solar Overclad 

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, we have the ideal solar solution for you.

If you’re dealing with an ageing or leaky commercial roof that requires renewal, you have three options: full replacement, overcladding, or the smart choice of overcladding combined with solar integration. Overcladding with solar not only rejuvenates your roof but also covers its cost through the energy it generates. Solfit is an award-winning product, boasts the highest fire and wind ratings, a patented interlocking design, and the assurance of being a UK-based company committed to quality. Featuring translucent panels for natural light and the unique capability of panels becoming the roof itself, this innovative solution can significantly boost your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating while delivering sustainable energy solutions.

Property Developers/ Housebuilders

Integrating solar PV systems into the construction process offers distinct advantages to house builders and property developers.

By installing in-roof solar solutions during the build stages, you can seamlessly incorporate these energy-efficient technologies into the property’s design at usually no extra cost to standard roofing. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the building but also reduces installation complexities and costs. 

This approach not only enhances the desirability of your properties but also improves energy efficiency, contributing to a greener future and potentially increasing the overall value of your development.



Introductory meeting

Understanding our customers’ needs and requirements is paramount to us. In our meeting, we will explore your installation goals and provide expert guidance on our process and recommendations. Additionally, we conduct an initial property survey as part of our comprehensive service.



Initial Proposal

Our team will prepare an initial proposal for you at no cost. This valuable document will give you insights into estimated expenses, payback timelines, and a clear picture of your potential return on investment. If you are happy to proceed we will move to step three.


Feasibility Study

During this phase, we kindly request a fee to support the essential preliminary enquiries needed to complete your quotation and ensure that your building is suitable for the proposed installation. These include a structural survey, grid application, and detailed design.


Review meeting

During this meeting, we’ll explain the outcomes of our initial investigations with you to confirm your approval of the final proposal.


Agreement of Terms & Conditions

At this stage, we will present the contracts for your review, and we will work together to ensure that all terms and conditions are mutually agreed upon and satisfactory to both parties.


System Installation

Our skilled installation team will efficiently and professionally install your system for you.


Commission & Sign off

Our team will finalise the commissioning process and handle all required sign-offs. Additionally, we will provide you with comprehensive handover packs to ensure a smooth transition.


Post Installation Heath Check

Three months post installation we will attend to complete a system and generation check. This will confirm that the system is performing as designed.


How much money can my business expect to save with a commercial solar system?

The amount of money your organisation can save with a commercial solar power system varies based on several factors, including the systems size, location, energy consumption, and local solar incentives. On average, businesses can expect to save thousands of pounds annually on energy bills by generating their electricity from the sun. Additionally, commercial solar systems often offer attractive returns on investment, typically paying for themselves within a few years and providing long-term savings throughout their lifespan. To determine the specific savings potential for your organisation, its best to consult with one of our team members who can conduct a thorough assessment based on your unique circumstances and energy needs.

Is my business suitable for solar PV?

Assessing the suitability of your building or site for commercial solar is crucial. Factors like roof condition, orientation, available space, local regulations, energy consumption, budget, and environmental goals all play a part. JDM Earth offers a comprehensive assessment for both your building and business suitability.

What size solar system does my business need?

Determining the right size of a solar system for your business depends on various factors, including your energy consumption, available roof space, budget, and energy goals. JDM Earth’s experts can help you determine the ideal size for your commercial solar system.

Do I need to consider a battery storage with commercial solar?

Many businesses operate primarily during daylight hours and may use the energy generated by their solar panels effectively. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your business has a sufficiently large rooftop solar installation that generates surplus electricity beyond your immediate needs, and if your operational hours extend beyond the typical 9-5 timeframe, then investing in a solar battery becomes a viable option. The decision ultimately hinges on your specific energy demands and usage patterns.

Do you need planning permission to to install solar panels?

In most cases, you do not need planning permission for commercial solar panel installations in the UK, as they typically fall under the category of permitted development. However, there are some exceptions and considerations. For instance, if your building is located in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), or a listed building, additional permissions may be required. It’s essential to check with your local planning authority or consult a professional installer to ensure compliance with regulations in your specific location.

When it comes to larger-scale solar installations like ground-mounted solar farms, the planning process becomes more complex. Establishing a solar farm often involves submitting a detailed planning application to the local planning authority. They assess factors such as visual impact, ecological considerations, and local objections before granting permission. The specific requirements for solar farms can vary depending on the location and size of the proposed installation. Therefore, it’s crucial to engage with local authorities and seek professional guidance to navigate the planning process effectively.



Excellent PV/Battery/charger installation:

"From initial enquiry to final handover, our experience of JDMEarth has been excellent. David thoroughly explained all the options available and provided two detailed quotes for our consideration. We were kept informed of lead in times and final installation was scheduled to suit our own availability. All work carried out was to the highest standard and we were very impressed by the quality of workmanship and the attitude of the installation team. The support staff at base have been equally helpful and have always responded promptly to any queries - and the finished installation is excellent"