Powering the Future: Battery Storage Now Attracts 0% VAT in the UK

In a significant move towards a greener and more sustainable future, the UK government has recently announced that as of February 1, 2024, both retrofit and standalone battery storage installations will be subject to a 0% Value Added Tax (VAT). This groundbreaking decision not only brings financial relief to homeowners but also marks a substantial leap forward in the nation’s commitment to renewable energy.


One of the primary advantages of this VAT exemption is the immediate financial benefit it brings to those considering battery storage solutions. By eliminating the VAT on retrofit and standalone battery storage, the government aims to make these technologies more accessible to a wider audience. Homeowners can now install energy storage solutions without the additional burden of VAT, making sustainable choices more financially viable.

Boost for Renewable Energy Adoption: This move is expected to stimulate the adoption of battery storage systems across the country. As the cost of energy storage decreases, more individuals and organizations are likely to invest in technologies that enhance their energy independence and contribute to a cleaner, more resilient energy grid. It aligns with the broader goal of transitioning towards a low-carbon and sustainable energy landscape.

Empowering Energy Independence: Battery storage systems play a pivotal role in storing excess energy generated from renewable sources, such as solar PV installations. Some systems even work as back up protection during grid failure.

Looking Ahead: As the UK continues to prioritize sustainability and renewable energy, initiatives like the 0% VAT on battery storage installations play a crucial role in driving positive change. This decision not only supports the government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions but also empowers individuals to actively participate in the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

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VAT exemption on battery storage installations in the UK is a real game-changer, offering a clear path towards a more sustainable and affordable energy future. It’s a win for consumers, the solar industry, and the environment—a step in the right direction as we collectively work towards a greener future for generations to come.